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Important Dates


Participate in the Settlement

If you did not file a Claim Form by September 3, 2016, you will not receive a Settlement Payment.

Exclude Yourself from the Settlement by September 3, 2016

If you did not want to participate in the settlement, you must have sent a letter requesting exclusion postmarked no later than September 3, 2016 or else you will be bound by the settlement.

Object to the Settlement by September 3, 2016

If you wished to object to the settlement, you must have followed the directions outlined in the Notice.

Participate in the Hearing

If you submitted a timely objection to the settlement, you may also have indicated in the objection whether you wished to appear in court and be heard at the time of the final fairness hearing. The Final Fairness Hearing was held October 27, 2016.


This site is not operated by Wyndham Hotels and Resorts®. This class action Settlement is supervised by the Court and is administered by an administration firm that handles all aspects of claims processing. Wyndham Hotels and Resorts® is not authorized to respond to questions from members of the Settlement Class regarding the Settlement.  Please do not contact either Wyndham Hotels and Resorts® or the Court with questions about this Settlement.

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